Virginia Oysters

Small Farm. Big Impact.

Windmill Point Oyster Company

About our farm


Windmill Point Oyster Company grows fresh, delicious Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica), which is the only native oyster to Virginia. Our mission is to bring the best native oysters from the bay to your table, and to have a bit of fun in the process!

We farm in eastern Virginia, between White Stone and Windmill Point, and are just north of the mouth of Rappahannock River. Our lease, located in Little Bay, Va, is established to grow a premium oyster. Nutrient rich fresh water mixes with saltier waters of the bay and the Atlantic ocean, creating a perfect environment to grow delicious oysters. You will agree after you’ve slurped down a dozen!

WPOC is featured in the Rappahannock Record, and  also collaborated with breweries such as Brooklyn brewery and Lickinghole Creek to brew beer made with oyster shells(and simultaneously repair our ecosystem)! It’s not all about the shell, though, our oysters gained recognition around the Bay for their consistent, lightly sweet, creamy taste balanced with brininess. They are the perfect oysters for connoisseurs and newcomers!

Interested in trying our oysters? Check our contact page for restaurants and wholesale options. Business queries? Contact us at sales@windmilloysters. or give us a ring at 804 577 3179.