The Oysters

Raw on the half shell, roasted, grilled, or fried; However you enjoy your oyster, ours are guaranteed fresh, available, and consistently delicious.

The varieties we offer

Virginia Oysters


Smooth, hard-shelled and delicious. These 3-31/2″ oysters are stunning. Perfect for upscale venues and persnickety people. Subtle sweetness with mild brine. These are oysters at their most elegant.

Virginia Oysters


Craggy on the outside, heavenly on the inside. The quintessential Virginia Chesapeake Bay oyster. Our most popular variety. Just as delicious as the Skipjacks.Don’t judge an oyster by its looks.

Our Process


All our oysters start out as seed. They’re as small as grains of sand! They are placed in our bucket upweller, an on-land nursery for them to grow healthy and safe. As they grow, they are moved to larger homes.

Oyster Runts

A month or two and these babiesĀ are ready to move to our floating upweller, or flupsy. From there they continuously grow until they can be moved to 1/2″ cages, and then full 1” cages.


Harvest size! After eighteen months our seed are ready to be packaged and sold, after being hand selected for size, shell strength, cup depth, and taste.

Windmill Point Oyster Company

We package our oysters in biodegradable boxes, iced, guaranteed fresh and delicious!



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